Adhesives and Sealants

Anchor Bolts Fixings

Antique Brass Bolts

Antique Brass Cylinder Pulls Bell Pushes

Antique Brass Door Bedroom Knockers

Antique Brass Door Handles Escutcheons

Antique Brass Door Knobs

Antique Brass Electrical Accessories

Antique Brass Finger Plates Numerals

Antique Brass Hinges Door Studs

Antique Brass Hooks

Antique Brass Letter Plates Tidies

Antique Brass Pull Cabinet Handles

Antique Brass Rim Latches Locks

Antique Brass Ring Handles

Antique Brass Thumb Latches

Antique Brass Window Fittings

Antique Coated Brass Bell Pushes Numerals

Antique Coated Brass Cabinet Fittings

Antique Coated Brass Centre Door Knobs

Antique Coated Brass Door Accessories

Antique Coated Brass Door Bolts

Antique Coated Brass Door Hinges

Antique Coated Brass Door Knockers

Antique Coated Brass Escutcheons

Antique Coated Brass Itala Style

Antique Coated Brass Letter Plates

Antique Coated Brass Lever on Rose Handles

Antique Coated Brass Mortice Rim Knobs

Antique Coated Brass Plain Scroll Style

Antique Coated Brass Princess Style

Antique Coated Brass Pull Handles

Antique Coated Brass Shaped Scroll Style

Antique Coated Brass Susy Style

Antique Coated Brass Tudor Style

Antique Coated Brass Window Fittings

Antique Pewter Style Cabinet Hardware

Antique Pewter Style Door Accessories

Antique Pewter Style Door Bolts

Antique Pewter Style Door Handles

Antique Pewter Style Door Knockers

Antique Pewter Style Escutcheons

Antique Pewter Style Gate Furniture

Antique Pewter Style Hinge Fronts

Antique Pewter Style Hinges

Antique Pewter Style Hooks

Antique Pewter Style Letter Plates

Antique Pewter Style Mortice Rim Knobs

Antique Pewter Style Pull Handles

Antique Pewter Style Window Fittings


Basin AccessoriesBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Bath Accessories

Bath OrganisersBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm


Bathroom AidsBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Bathroom Cord Pulls

Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom products



Bathrooms Accessories



Bedding SetsBedding SetsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

BedspreadsBed Runners ThrowsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Black Antique Bedroom Door Knockers

Black Antique Bell Pushes Pulls

Black Antique Bolts Turns

Black Antique Cabinet Drawer Handles

Black Antique Casement Fasteners

Black Antique Casement Stays

Black Antique Cylinder Pulls Covers

Black Antique Door Grilles Chains

Black Antique Door Knobs

Black Antique Door Knockers

Black Antique Electrical Accessories

Black Antique Escutcheons

Black Antique Finger Plates

Black Antique Hinge Fronts

Black Antique Hinges Door Studs

Black Antique Hooks Shelf Brackets

Black Antique Letter Plates Tidies

Black Antique Lever Door Handles

Black Antique Locks Latches

Black Antique Numerals Letters

Black Antique Pull Handles

Black Antique Ring Handles

Black Antique Thumb Latches

Black Antique Trunk Box Hardware

Black Gold Line Porcelain

Black Iron Bolts

Black Iron Door Gate Furniture

Black Iron Front Door Furniture

Black Iron Handrail Brackets

Black Iron Hinges

Black Iron Hooks Brackets

Black Iron Knobs Escutcheons

Black Iron Lever Handles

Black Iron Locking Bars Hasps

Black Iron Pull Flush Handles

Black Iron Stable Rings

Black Iron Thumb Latches

Black Porcelain

Blacksmith Forge Bolts

Blacksmith Forge Door Gate Furniture

Blacksmith Forge Front Door Furniture

Blacksmith Forge Hooks

Blacksmith Forge Lever handles

Blacksmith Forge Pull handles

Blacksmith Forge Window fittings

BlanketsBlanketsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Bolt Through Furniture Fixings

Brass Adam Style

Brass Algarve Style

Brass Art Deco Escutcheons

Brass Art Deco Finger Plates

Brass Art Deco Front Entrance Accessories

Brass Art Deco Hooks

Brass Art Deco Knobs

Brass Art Deco Lever Handles

Brass Art Deco Pull Handles

Brass Art Deco Window Furniture

Brass Bedford Style

Brass Bolts and Catches

Brass Buckingham Style

Brass Cabinet Handles

Brass Cabinet Knobs

Brass Charlbury Style

Brass Door Stops Holders and Brackets

Brass Edwardian Style

Brass Front Door Furniture

Brass Gainsborough Style

Brass Georgian Style

Brass Gloucester Style

Brass Howard Style

Brass Knobsets

Brass Letter Plates and Tidies

Brass Lisboa Style

Brass Luna Style

Brass Meridian Style

Brass Mortice Knob on Plate

Brass Pull Handles and Flush Pulls

Brass Rim Furniture and Locks

Brass Savoy Long Style

Brass Savoy Style

Brass Sophia Style

Brass Sutton Style

Brass The Victoria Style

Brass Thumb Turns and Releases

Brass Vents

Brass Verona Small Style

Brass Verona Style

Brass Windsor Style

Building Supplies


Cabin Hooks

Cabinet Drawer Hardware

Cabinet Fittings with Swarovski Elements

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Table Stays

Cable Clips Ties

Case Fittings

Casement Stays and Fasteners

Chain Rope Wire

Changing MatsBathing ChangingNurseryHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens Bed SheetsChildrens BeddingChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens BeddingChildrens BeddingChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens BlanketsChildrens AccessoriesChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens CushionsChildrens AccessoriesChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens DrawersChildrens FurnitureChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens RugsChildrens AccessoriesChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens ThrowsChildrens AccessoriesChildrens RoomHomeNon FashionEcomm

Childrens Workwear

Chrome Art Deco Knobs

Cleaning Maintenance

Coach Bolts Coach Screws

Coat StandsFurniture AccessoriesFurnitureHomeNon FashionEcomm

Coloured Glass Cupboard Knobs

Coloured Glass Mortice Door Knobs

Coloured Nylon Lever Handles Escutcheons

Coloured Nylon Signs Symbols

Connectors DC

Control Automation

Corner Brace Mending Plates

Counter Flap Hardware

Cupboard and Drawer Locks

Curtain Accessories

Cushion CoversCushions BeanbagsHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm




Damp Stain Blockers

Dash Albert

Data Logging

Decorating Sundries

Distance Measurers


DIY OrganisersStorageDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Door Accessories for the Less Able

Door Bolts Thumb Turns

Door Catches

Door Chimes Bell Pushes

Door Handles for the Less Able

Door Knobs

Door Selectors Stays

Door Stays

Door Stops Holders

Door Thresholds


Drain Care

Draught Excluders


Ear Defenders Ear Plugs

Edwardian Polished Brass Electrical Accessories

Electrical Screws

Espagnolette Bolts

Euro 5 Pin Cylinders

Everbrite and PVD Door Accessories

Everbrite Bedford Style

Everbrite Savoy Style

Everbrite Windsor Style

Eyelets Grommets


Fanlight Openers and Catches

Fasteners Fixings


Fillers Foams

Fire Exit Panic Hardware

Fitted SheetsSheets ValancesBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm


Flat SheetsSheets ValancesBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

FlooringRugs FlooringHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Flush Door Handles

Function Signal Generators

Furniture CoversDecorative AccessoriesHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm


Garage Door Fittings

Gate Fittings


Georgian Polished Brass Electrical Accessories

Glass Lever Handles

Grab Rails for the Less Able

Grub Screws


Handles Knobs

Handrail Brackets

HandrailsMobility Living AidsPharmacy HealthHealth CosmeticsNon FashionEcomm

Hanging Hooks Vine Eyes

Heat GunsPower ToolsDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Hexagon KeysHand ToolsDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm


Home and Garden Bathroom

Home AND Leisure

HomeFacilitiesHealth SafetyEar Protection


Hook Eye

Hook Eye Fixings


Hose Terry Pipe Clips

House Numbers Letters



Inductors Chokes


Jewellery Component Cleaning

Jigsaw Sabre Saw Blades


Key Hole Escutcheons


LaddersLaddersDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Lever Handles with Swarovski Elements





Mains Equipment Cable

Mains Switches Sockets

Maintenance Sprays Compounds

Marble Mortice Door Knobs

Material Handling

Mattress ProtectorsMattress Toppers ProtectorsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Mattress ToppersMattress Toppers ProtectorsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Mayfair Dual Brass Electrical Accessories

Mens Work Wear

Metal Care

Meters Accessories

Mixed Finish

Mortice Door Knobs with Swarovski Elements



Nails Pins

Name Plates Signs

Nursery Home SafetySafetyNurseryHomeNon FashionEcomm

Nursery TowelsBathing ChangingNurseryHomeNon FashionEcomm

Nuts Bolts Washers

Nuts Washers


Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Cabinet Hardware

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Door Accessories

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Door Bolts

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Door Handles

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Door Knockers

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Escutcheons

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Gate Furniture

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Hinge Fronts

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Hinges

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Hooks

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Letter Plates

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Mortice Rim knobs

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Pull Handles

Oil Rubbed Bronze Style Window Fittings

Oscilloscopes Accessories


Padlocks Hasps

PCB Supports Spacers Standoffs

Pest Control

Picture and Mirror Fixings

PillowcasesDuvets PillowsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm


Plantation Rugs

Plug ins Accessories


Plumbing Sundries

Pneumatics All Fluid

Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome Ambassador Style

Polished Chrome Door Stops Holders and Brackets

Polished Chrome Front Door Furniture

Polished Nickel Finish

Polished Nickel Finish Window Fittings


Power Supply Units

Project Brass Avon Style

Project Brass Kensington Style

Project Brass Luca Style

Project Brass Malvern Style

Project Brass Milton Style

Protective Wear

Prototyping PCB Products

Pull Handles for the Less Able

PumpsPumpsDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

PVD Oakley Style


Quilt Cover SetsBedding SetsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Quilt CoversBedding SetsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Quilting PatchworkTechniquesCraftGiftsNon FashionEcomm

QuiltsDuvets PillowsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm


Real Bronze Bolts

Real Bronze Brackets

Real Bronze Escutcheons Turns

Real Bronze Finger Plates

Real Bronze Front Door Accessories

Real Bronze Knobs

Real Bronze Lever Handles

Real Bronze Pull Flush Handles

Rebate Sets

Repair Plates Roses



Rod Sockets Brackets

Rustic Real Bronze Bolts

Rustic Real Bronze Brackets

Rustic Real Bronze Cupboard Knobs

Rustic Real Bronze Door Stops

Rustic Real Bronze Escutcheons Turns

Rustic Real Bronze Finger Plates

Rustic Real Bronze Front Door Accessories

Rustic Real Bronze Hooks

Rustic Real Bronze Knobs

Rustic Real Bronze Lever Handles

Rustic Real Bronze Pull Flush Handles

Rustic Real Bronze Window Fittings


Safety Detectors

Sash Handles and Fasteners

Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome Cabinet Handles

Satin Chrome Cabinet Knobs

Satin Chrome Espagnolette Bolts

Satin Chrome Front Door Furniture

Satin Chrome Sorrento Aurora Style

Satin Nickel Algarve Long Style

Satin Nickel Charlbury Style

Satin Nickel Luna Style

Satin Nickel Verona Long Style


Screw Cups and Covers

Screwdrivers Driver Bits

Screws Bolts

SealantsSealantsDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Select Leather or Wood


Shower CurtainsBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Sound Plates

Spanners Wrenches and Hexkeys

Spray GunsDecoratingDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Stainless Steel 304 Contract Range

Stainless Steel 316 Gate Fittings

Stainless Steel 316 Handles Escutcheons

Stainless Steel Vents

Static Control Products

Stone Care

Storage Organisers Buckets Containers

Striking Plates




Table LinenKitchen TextilesKitchen LaundryHomeNon FashionEcomm


Tea TowelsKitchen TextilesKitchen LaundryHomeNon FashionEcomm

Telescopic Letter Plates

Test Detection


ThrowoversBed Runners ThrowsBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm

Toilet BrushesBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Toilet SeatsBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm


Toiletry SetsBath ShowerToiletriesHealth CosmeticsNon FashionEcomm

Tool Belts Braces Pouches

Tool Storage

ToolbagsStorageDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

ToolboxesStorageDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

TorchesTorchesDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Towel Rails

Towel Stands RailsBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

TowelsBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Tudor Hinges and Door Studs

Tudor Numerals


Under Basin StorageBathroomHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Unlacquered Brass Door Handles

Unlacquered Brass Door Knobs

Unlacquered Brass Escutcheons

Unlacquered Brass Front Door Fittings

Unlacquered Brass Pull Handles Finger Plates

Unlacquered Brass Window Fittings


ValancesSheets ValancesBeddingHomeNon FashionEcomm


Victorian Polished Brass Electrical Accessories


Wall Controllers

Wall Mounts Brackets

Wall Plugs

Wall Plugs Plasterboard Fixings

WallpaperWallpaperHome FurnishingsHomeNon FashionEcomm

Weight Measurement


White Gold Line Porcelain

White Porcelain

Window Draught Excluders

Window Hinges

Wire Letter Cages


Womens Sports SweatshirtsSports TopsWomens SportwearWomensEcomm

Wood Screws Self Tapping Screws

Wooden Door Knobs

Work Aprons


WorkbenchesStorageDIYGarden DIY LeisureNon FashionEcomm

Workshop Equipment Storage

Worktop Hardware


0 zinc protected hose clip 16mm - 22mm 58in - 78in  

0 zinc protected hose clip 16mm - 22mm 58in - 78in

jubileeandreg clips are kite marked to bs5315 1991 and the company is licensed to bs en iso 9001made from mild steel zinc protected and used for fixing flexible rubber hoses metal tubes etcsize oadjustment 16 -22mmadjustment 58 - 78in

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0-70-418 hi output professional glue gun  

0-70-418 hi output professional glue gun

a high output professional glue gun with fast warm up which means it is ready to use in just 60 seconds with a ceramic element - heats up quicker and holds heat longer and 25lbs per hour output the standby mode takes 30 seconds to get back to working...

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0-84-519 12 piece multitool  

0-84-519 12 piece multitool

12 in 1 multi-tool ideal for everyday use within industry automotive and construction or at home supplied with a stanley branded pouch with belt clip for convenience modern sleek polished look hardened and tempered for long life tools included universal...

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00 zinc protected hose clip 13mm - 20mm 12in - 34in  

00 zinc protected hose clip 13mm - 20mm 12in - 34in

jubileeandreg clips are kite marked to bs5315 1991 and the company is licensed to bs en iso 9001made from mild steel zinc protected and used for fixing flexible rubber hoses metal tubes etcsize ooadjustment 13 - 20mmadjustment 12 - 34in

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000 zinc protected hose clip 95mm - 12mm 38in - 12in  

000 zinc protected hose clip 95mm - 12mm 38in - 12in

jubileeandreg clips are kite marked to bs5315 1991 and the company is licensed to bs en iso 9001made from mild steel zinc protected and used for fixing flexible rubber hoses metal tubes etcsize oooadjustment 95 - 12mmadjustment 38 - 12in

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02379 wind up radio with 3 led torch  

02379 wind up radio with 3 led torch

ten waveband fmamsw with digital back lit display and alarm earphone jack and 3 led torch up to six hours continuous radio use once fully wound up supplied with usb lead 5v dc output for optional mains usageandnbspspecificationwave band frequenciesfmandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbsp87-108mhzam...

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02380 wind up waterproof radio - amfm  

02380 wind up waterproof radio - amfm

fmam giving up to four hours continuous radio use once fully wound up earphone jack and 6v dc input for optional mains usage hang hook and stand supplied with usb leadandnbspwave band frequenciesandnbspfmandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbspandnbsp87-108mhzam...

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04 002 masonry nails 25 x 25mm pack of 100  

04 002 masonry nails 25 x 25mm pack of 100

zinc plated nails with a optimum penetration of 20 mm to bricklarger sizes for use in pinning timber frames and battening to wallssize 25 x 25mm

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04 004 masonry nails 25 x 30mm pack of 100  

04 004 masonry nails 25 x 30mm pack of 100

zinc plated nails with a optimum penetration of 20 mm to bricklarger sizes for use in pinning timber frames and battening to wallssize 25 x 30mm

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04 006 masonry nails 25 x 35mm pack of 100  

04 006 masonry nails 25 x 35mm pack of 100

zinc plated nails with a optimum penetration of 20 mm to bricklarger sizes for use in pinning timber frames and battening to wallssize 25 x 35mm

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